Be Visible Web Design & Marketing offers effective and affordable local business marketing services.  If you have a business that depends upon finding customers in your local area than we have a solution for you. Our services will optimize your website, local business pages and local directory listings making you stand out from the crowd and increase user engagement. This will translate into more local customers (be it clicks to your website, phone calls or foot traffic).

As a local search marketing company our job is to increase exposure to the major search engines local listings and also create NAP consistency between most of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and directories including Yelp,, GoLocal, CitySearch and many others.  Having accurate information across the most popular search properties is paramount to your success as a business serving a local market.  This consistency is also a ranking factor (one of many) with Google and can actually help your national organic rankings as well.

Local Search Marketing

Local On-Page Optimization

We optimize your website for local search by identifying localized keywords and phrases used by prospective customers looking for related products or services.

Link Building

With all SEO programs link building is an essential part of the process. It’s all about quality and diversity and NOT about quantity. Having an active and organic link building program in place will help you acquire the necessary backlinks with high PR value and Domain Authority.

Local Maps Optimization

One of the major goals of a local business is to attract local customers to your website or brick and mortar location. Optimizing your local maps is key to making that connection from internet search to walking into your business location.

Local Citations & NAP Consistency

Local citations using your business name and address (NAP) is a way to slowly drip your digital business data across sites, directories, blogs and more.  Having NAP consistency is also a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.  Make sure your digital profile is consistent and in order using our YEXT Local Listings Service.

Local Content Marketing

We create optimized and informative content that offers value to your customers. Through a consistent program of fresh content creation the major search engines will value your listing over others.

Accurate & Insightful Reporting

Having insight and visibility to analytical data is critical in making business decisions. We implement all tracking mechanisms to ensure we have accurate reporting showing our work as well as results above the initial baseline report.

Reviews Monitoring & Reputation Management

More and more product and service reviews from past customers are becoming a major influence on customer decisions. Having a high star rating can make the difference between someone selecting your product or service over a competitor. Putting mechanisms in place to acquire reviews and then having the ability to monitor and respond in real time is crucial to your overall strategy. Managing your online reputation is becoming just as important as the effort to acquire new customers.

How you manage negative reviews will impact how people perceive your business which can have a positive impact. Or, through inaction negative reviews can have a negative impact and even catastrophic consequences in some cases.

Online Reputation Management