The Importance of Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing Austin

The importance of a Local Search Marketing cannot be over emphasized, as it contributes widely to your local business growth and revenue generation. Also, it helps your business strength to garner more customers than your perceived competitors in your locality.

Are you aware that about 18 percent of mobile local product searches lead to a sale within a day?

It is alarming to note that localized businesses have a stringent competition, due to the nature of the densely located businesses. So for you and your business to be able to stay above your competitors, you must exploit all platforms and make local search marketing a priority spend in your marketing budget. A local search directory allows business owners to provide information regarding the name of the business, locations, numbers, and hour of the day. It also shows when it is available for business, and the kind of products or services that the business renders. For your business to stand a chance in google listings, you must endeavor to claim your spot in all the local directories.

The most competitive and necessary local directories include but not limited to the following:

Google My Business: The importance of Google my business to local search engine optimization is still very much potent. According to Kevin Gibbons, “increased visibility placed around local listing means that Google My Business is essential for local SEO.” Deducing from a survey of 2016 about 3 pack local business results appear for at least 93% of Google Searches having local intent. Google will want to have people on their site, so Google will put their pages up first. But for your business, chances of being there depends primarily on how your business website was designed; is it SEO friendly? Is it responsive? Is it running secure https protocol?

Yahoo: The Yahoo local listing comes at a premium, it is similar to Google my business. You are asked to fill out invitations about your business name, location, and postal code, but the Yahoo local directory comes with a price tag because it is powered by text listings. Though, Yahoo is not rated first in driving traffic it is still among the top three and is still relevant.

Bing: The Bing is the second most visited search engine website, and it is useful to the SEO of your business to be listed in Bing. It allows you to upload logos, photos, and information about your business.

The importance of your business be listed on this platforms is essential for improved sales, returns on investments, and an enhanced market penetration of your business in its confined environments. But it is advisable that whatever information you are providing on the stated local business listing platforms corresponds with the ones in your business website.


Competitive: Local search enable your business to be able to enhance its competitiveness in the local content, thus able to drive more sales from its competitors.

Increased business awareness: A successfully implemented local SEO allows you to stand out in local search results, thus allowing your business to be found in local directories by prospective customers using mobile devices. Hence, increasing your business brand awareness in your locality.

Revenue spur: If potential customers can locate your business and make purchases, it will directly spur up more revenue for your business, thereby enabling your business to grow gradually and increase in its level of patronage.


For your business local search marketing to be well optimized to appear on Google top three local intent search, a number of guideline have to be strictly observed. Besides the local directories that I have extensively discussed, if you don not have a website that is SEO friendly, then locating your business in the Google local intent search will become a mirage. A tailored website design should have a good content management systems that is compatible with SEO best practices to enable your business to be easily found on the web. This will make prospective customers become actual customers.

In conclusion, if you cannot be found on search engines, customers would not come and your business. Why don’t you rejuvenate your business through a well-designed website that allows your business to be easily found, which is what Be Visible Web Design and Marketing is all about.